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King David Dance Company had its inception in 1985 under the direction of Salvatore and Barbara Messina.  Deriving their name from King David, who danced before the Lord with all his might, this husband and wife team use their God-given talents as a platform for ministry.


Pioneers in the area of Christ-centered performing arts education, the couple's vision expanded to include King David Christian Conservatory.  This unique non-profit, multi-arts facility in Charlotte, NC maintains a commitment to integrate exceptional technical training with overall personal character development and community outreach.


Conservatory students are immersed in an atmosphere of worship where faith can thrive whether they are pursuing professional performing arts careers, mere recreational study, or mentoring for ministry through the arts.  Body, mind, and spirit are nurtured in this safe and welcoming family environment, with the discipline of study cultivating skills which are not only applicable in the studio, but in everyday life.


With an emphasis on reaching the widest possible audience, the conservatory and its staff remain passionate about impacting their world for Christ by equipping their students to be visual witnesses of artistic skill and matchless integrity.

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 Mr. & Mrs. Messina 


King David Christian Conservatory exists to provide excellence in dance, music, and vocal education and performance, while simultaneously fostering spiritual growth and delivering a message of redemptive Christian hope.



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