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Thank you for ministering to me from the deep. I have been forever changed. I bless you both to know the depth of the sermons you have so extravagantly spoken with every graceful dance step you have taught and taken before your King.


I was so aware as soon as I sat down that I was going to encounter God.  I felt so changed, so full of life, so full of the reality of who Jesus is when I left.  I was so transformed from just one performance, so I know KDCC has been a lifeline to many, for years and years.


I was deeply moved in my spirit to the point of tears because the spirit of God was moving so powerfully.


Your choreography was brilliant and highly prophetic.


Your prayers helped carry me through my darkest hours.


You inspire OFF THE CHARTS!!!  What a legacy you're leaving.


I have learned so much from you; so much more than how to just dance.  I hope as my life goes on that I can be as good an example to others as you have been for me.


Your students respond and perform at a very high level of excellence-a reflection of your own high standards.


You have stretched the horizons of our imaginations and opened the floodgates of our hearts to a picture of God as we have never seen Him before.  


Your performance and congeniality exceeded my expectations. 


We were witness to a production of Broadway quality with the power and presence of the Holy Spirit felt in every number.  


Their presentation will give your congregation a healthy understanding and appreciation of how dance can glorify God AND lead others to salvation in Jesus Christ.


I don't remember when any ministry brought us so many unsaved people out to church and made so clear and moving the reality of God's message of salvation.  I am sincerely excited about this fresh breath of creative witness.



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