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...presents acrobatic and aerial disciplines, extreme sports,

and other circus style varieties

to kids and adults!

Tumbling       Aerial Silks       Aerial Fitness       Lyra

​Jumping Stilts      Chinese Pole      Hand Balancing      Parkour Training

TUMBLING:  Air awareness and body control are key components in this course. Flexibility and core strength are emphasized,  with great attention paid to ensure proper technique and injury prevention.

AERIAL SILKS, AERIAL FITNESS, LYRA: Aerial disciplines combine the grace and elegance of dance with the strength and control of acrobatics. Performers are suspended from fabric and/or performance hoops and demonstrate various techniques of wraps, drops, and upside down splits in an exciting display of flexibility and agility.  Take your fitness training to the next level by toning the body and elongating the spine through aerial apparatuses.

JUMPING STILTS:  These are strapped to the performer's legs and a fiberglass bow propels the athlete into the air.  Flipping and high-energy jumping are a real crowd pleaser!

CHINESE POLE:  This discipline involves an extreme display of strength.  Athletes balance themselves on and around a static or spinning pole by climbing up, sliding down, and holding poses.

HAND BALANCING:  Teamwork is stressed in this display of strength and balance. Partners demonstrate balancing moves in coordination, while transitioning between different positions and utilizing various muscle groups.

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